Let us be aware of the benefits of the cultivated trees.  They contribute to the air cleaning and the reduction of pollution.  They nourish of carbon dioxide and give off oxigen necessary to any life.  A plantation of Christmas trees cultivated of a surface of one hectare produced in one day enough of oxygen to meet the needs of 45 people.

They filter the air which we breathe, one acre of cultivated fir trees would remove up to thirteen tons of atmospheric pollutants by year.  The plantation of firs trees thus supports the depollution of the atmosphere and are used as filters.  During the summer months, the trees with draw dust from air including pollen which causes allergies.

There are also agricultural and ecological advantages.  The Christmas trees are cultivated with a given aim.  The consumer who gets a cultivated Christmas tree is ensured of a product of quality which therefore does not strip the natural forest resources.

It would be wise to remember that one which plants a tree poses an ecological gesture.  It contributes to the depollution of the atmosphere, helps to slowdown the erosion of the grounds and contributes to the reduction of the greenhouse effect.  The grower of cultivated trees is professionally relentless there.  More over one never wearies of a natural tree which cordially decorates and perfumes the house during Christmas time.